Remember Regeneratıon Terapy Method (RTM) is an original approach which combines the practices of modern medicine with the experience and wisdom of traditional medicine. This approach, which is still being developed, was founded by Dr. Mustafa YAŞAR.

After his medical education Dr. Mustafa YAŞAR has experienced various diagnosis and treatment systems in many countries on his journey in the pursuit of healing. He also completed phytotherapy and pharmacognosy trainings. Both the modern medical education he got and the experience he gained have been the greatest source in establishing the RTM system. RTM, which has developed and systematized over the years, has proven its success in the treatment of many diseases with its positive results and published international articles.

RTM system is based on two main principles; Remember – Regeneration. In this approach, “Remember” refers to the practices of reminding the healthy state of the body, while “Regeneration” refers to the support applied for the return of the systems and organs back to their healthy state. The RTM system approaches the functioning of the body and the formation of diseases from a different perspective and considers the disease as the values ​​that the body recodes in the face of changing living conditions. The RTM system analyzes these new values ​​within the scope of “source-cause-effect” relationship and coordinates the diagnosis and treatment processes for the source of the disease.

There are many diagnostic methods for detecting the source of the diseases In the RTM system. These diagnostic methods are applied on the “Physical, Chemical and Electrical” body forms determined in the RTM system. Treatment processes are also coordinated on these three body forms. The aim is to retract the “contamination” “system corruption” and “DNA code changes” in the source of the diseases. For this purpose, Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) applications such as Ozone, cupping and Hirudo are actively used together with phytotherapy.

The healthy state of the body is included in the DNA codes. What needs to be done is to repair these codes, which change due to many factors, by reminding the body of its healthy state. We serve with the RTM approach, which we consider as the formula of permanent healing In our clinic.