Doç. Dr. Muharrem UÇAR

Dr. Muharrem Uçar graduated from GATA Medical Faculty in 1990.

He completed his career education in Public Health /Preventive Medicine at the same faculty in 1996.

In 2009, he completed his doctorate in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine , at the department of History and Ethics.

During his studies in the field of Medical History and Ethics, he also worked on Traditional and Complementary Medicine applications.

He worked as a public health and preventive medicine specialist in various institutions between 1996-2004.

He worked as an lecturer at the GATA Medical History and Deontology Department between 2005-2016.

After retiring in 2016, he met Dr. Mustafa Yaşar’s R.T.M System which creates a unique holistic medicine approach (Integrative Medicine) method by combining Traditional Medicine Practices and Classical Medicine Approach.

After he got the necessary trainings on RTM system applications, he started to work in this field.